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Asante kwa muda huu Africa

Here will we try to update experienced during the trip and were we are planning to travel in the near future.


First Trip Report:

I drove the car from southern Gotland via Oskarshamn to Rotterdam by myself:

Ravlunda Firingfield was first night stop a bit chilly but very beautiful

On the morning next day I visit Matilda with family (Andreas and Iris) in Borrbystrand where I got a nice first breakfast and some cycle training with Iris then off against Denmark and Rodby - Putgarden

A parking slot on A1 in the north of the Netherlands was second overnight stay, not so beautiful but it is what they have to offer in central Europe, no free camping with “common rights”, that is something od in Sweden.

Day three full speed to Amsterdam where it was morning coffee at one of the beautiful canals.




A parking space outside Rotterdam was the third night then it was straight to the harbor office to check in the car for loading in CONTAIENER and further transport to Cape town.

For myself I had to looking me up at the airport in Amsterdam for repatriation.


Saturday 22 August, we had our traditional "kulting träff" in a fantastic late summer Stockholm.

One of the highlights was a boat trip with electric motor around town, now we're ready to leave Sweden for others views.
















Friday the 4 of sept

Hello people, now we are on the road, we stayed a few days in Stellenbosch to look over our equipment.

We have now left South Africa and is now in Namibia.

Last night we had the camp at the Atlantic Coast in an old diamond town called Lubrietz about, amazing.

Now we are on our way further north and look forward to new adventures, everything well so far,

The internet is litle week so the picrures will come later


Alredy Monday and we are staying in hotel for the first time, here we have internet and I have downloaded some pictures in the Galery.

Everything is going smooth and we are on the way up north in Namibia.






These wise words have I received from a new friend in Namibia

Hello followers, has been a bit low with the reporting of our progress through Africa recently.

It is mainly because we have had too many technical problems, so my skills have been severely disturbed.

But we see a bright future, there are so many helpful and competent people who constantly are assisting.

Will be back with more when we are on the road again.

Hi people, we are on the rood again!

The Defender has got some new parts like new crankshaft sensor, fuel pressure gage and a new second hand ECU-modul (head computer for the engine).

The two last days have we been running abut 550 km north west up against the Angola border, werry interesting experience so far.

If you understand swedish go to the blog, there Ann describes everything.

We are not on the moon, but sometimes it feels like that

We have now been on our journey in a month. We feel lucky that we decided on this trip, it has become just like we expected but better.

Of course there have been some unplanned incidents with our Defender, but a Land Rover needs a rest sometimes but it always comes back on the road.


We are now close on the border to Botswana, a fantastic camping (Ngepi campsite) on the edge of the river. Today we have canoed on the river and met crocodiles, hippos and other wildlife.


Here below you can see on the map where we have been so far, I will return to the website in a few weeks, but you can always follow Ann's blog (

Hej folks, The journey through Africa continued largely as planning.

Today 2015-10-02 we crossed the border into Zambia, it is an big and weird experience.

The Defender has had an service, and feel god

We have had a fantastic meeting vith the Victoria Falls, lots of water in this drought.

We will now continue further towards Malavi, but before that, we meet lots of people and animals here in Zambia.

When times comes it will come som pictures in the Gallery.

Those of you who know Swedish, don't forget to read Anns blogg


Hey today 2015-10-26, long time ago I wrote on my report.

Our trip rolls around as we planned.

We are now in the final phase of our journey through Tanzania. Today we are at a hospital, Nkinga Hostpital, where a friend of us from Karlstad (Lars Häggblom) have just started for his 6-week duty.

We have received a warm welcome from the staff at the hospital and Lars family. It's amazing that there is such a large and well equipt hospital here in realy rual area.

Tomorrow we continue the trip to Kigali in Rwanda to try to book up a meeting with the Gorillas

A lot of nice and beauty fabrics attract Ann on the road


It is now november and we still feel that we are in a dream, every new day is an adventure. We meet people all the way and they tell us stories about their life, we are driving in a fantastic nature, sometimes dry, sometimes wet but always fantastic.

We learn about who people get the day running.

And now we have met the Gorillas and that was more fantastic then we could believe, more about that an other time.


Monday the 9 of november.

The journey continues, we are constantly looking for source of the Nile.

When we were in Rwanda claimed people to where the location of the source of the Nile.

But now when we are in Uganda as it is understood here as the origin.

But anyway, today we are going to go up along the Victoria lake and camp there Nile and Lake Victoria meet and probably find out how it is about the source of the Nile.

Saturday the 5th of december, Zanzibar temp in air +30 degrees and almost the same in the clear Ocena

We have now reached the planned final goal, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

But we have changed our plans so that we stay in Africa over the Christmas holidays and almost all of our children comes down to Zanzibar where we will celebrate Christmas together.

We parked our car in a safe place in Dar and are now in Zanzibar to prepare for the reception of all the children and grandchildren, we will be twenty people for the holidays.

After Christmas, we continue our trip on our own with the end goal Cape Town, we expect to be there in mid-February to arrange the transportation of the car to Europe and when all is done so we fly home to Sweden.

Now we wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year, I will speak again in 2016, but do not forget to read Ann's blog if you understand Swedis

Thuseday the 31 of december 2015

Now the Christmas has end, and all the kids has checked out.


There have been some fantastic days with all the children and grandchildren except Lena and her children who were unable to travel to Africa this time.

Now we are to celebrate the new year in Stowntown of Zanzibar with Sigge and Nisse before traveling to Dar es Salaam to collect our Defender and continue the journey in view of Cape Town.

Our plan is to go through Tanzania - Zambia - Botswana - South Africa and end our little expedition with a few days in Cape Town with our friends Maggan and Per, before returning to Sweden.



Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Defender works great and especially in deep sand and deep water crossings.

Now we are about to leave Botswana.

It has been an amazing journey from Dar down through Tanzania - Zambia and Botswana.

We really know Zambia and Botswana little better now than on our way north through Africa.

Now that the rains have started coming, we got to experience lush landscapes.

Okawando delta was certainly a positive meeting with the beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife.

The meeting with the Central Kalahari was not the most exciting we have experienced, long transports about 250 km in the deep sand and plenty of deep water crossings, but rather sparsely with wildlife.

In soth east of Botswana, we came to a fantastic little park that has taken upon itself to take advantage of rhinos (Khama game park).

Now we are relaxing on a camp just before the border to South Africa, which we expect to cross tomorrow.

The car is new serviced, with oils and filters, so now we expect to roll on without any technical problems, along South Africa's east coast on the way to Cape Town, which we expect to reach about 10 February.



The end of the tour

A little sad that this exciting journey goes to its end, and now we have to start planning for a ordinary life in Sweden again.

Of course it will be nice to meet all the children and grandchildren and all other friends.

We have now completed our planned tour to Africa, that had been approximately 27 000 km on good roads sometimes but often on two tracks in the sand or mud.

The journey has been amazing, we've met so many nice and interesting people on our trip, more and better than we could hope for.

We have seen so much of the Africa culture and wildlife, but you can never get tier about the games and the people.

I am happy to have the opportunity make such a trip with my loved wife, where we are the only two that have to be close together to each other and trust each other for 24 hours a day for six months.

We have had long and sometimes difficult days, sometimes problems with the car, sometimes difficulties at a border crossing, but all the time we need each other to do this, and we have done that.

I am very proud of my choice of traveling companion, I can not think of anyone better to curl up in the rooftop tent in the evening or to have the breakfast together with in the wilderness of the Kalahari dawn.


The 15 of februari 2016 are we going to leave Cape Town for Stockholm - Sweden


Thanks to all you followers, maybe I come back with some kind of other documentation of the journey in another forum.



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