Tech prep

I bought the car, a Land Rover Defender 1999 model that has rolled 250000km.

The car is in relatively good condition, but it still rolled a part so I have to go through it to see what needs to be done before a long trip in southern Africa.

The first thing to do is change of all oils and filters.

Then it must be repaired some rust, I'll change the very common "rear beam" on these cars, it always vote.

All the parts I need, I will order it at Paddock Parts in England.


All springs and shock absorbers should be changed so that I know the condition of the judgment sections before departure.

Door hinges are quite loose, have ordered new once for exchange.

I had hoped to get a mechanic in Värmland, where I had the car in a garage in the winter but it has been difficult so now it will be so that I have to do all the jobs for myself in a workshop that I can have access on at the weekends.

The plan was that the car would be finished with all maintenance operations and the coarser shell to the interior before midsummer to bring the car to Gotland over the summer and there do the remaining measures of the interior.

And to our great good fortune we have kept the planning, the car is now ready, and shipped to Capetown


Asante kwa muda huu Africa

Technical preparations are a lot of things like changing oils and repairing rust.

Once it is done, the fun begins with equipping the car so that it becomes a practical tool for us during our four-month expedition


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